Limited Edition

Our limited edition collection of artwork is for those looking to purchase something special along with the added guarantee of authenticity.

We verify your limited edition purchase by harnessing the innovative technology of blockchain to register each print which means along with your purchase you will receive a digital record of ownership and verification. We have partnered with Codex Registry the leader in art provenance management who currently maintain over half a million art and collectable records.

Blockchain technology was originally championed by the emergence of  digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. More recently is has become recognized as an innovative and ground breaking record-keeping technology being furiously adopted by a range of sectors including finance and banking, supply chains and IOT.

At Contoured we have partnered with Codex, one of the world’s leading art record keeping agencies who have adopted blockchain technology to secure provenance of art ownership. By connecting the Contoured marketplace with the Codex registry we are able to offer customers an authentic and secure way to purchase limited edition canvas prints which are registered with a digital certificate of ownership.