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it’s remarkable when you think about how close the “Big Four” thrash metal bands are in origin. After all, Dave Mustaine originally played in Metallica before he formed Megadeth; Kerry King was in an early iteration of Megadeth before he fully committed to Slayer. And both Metallica and Slayer made their recorded debuts courtesy of Metal Blade Records. It’s all California metal history of the highest tier.

Slayer Metal shows no mercy shirt born in a graveyard & show no mercy long sleeve” originally known as Slayer. He was an American heavy metal band formed in San Antonio. Texas in 1981 by the former Blitzkrieg (not to be confused with the UK band Blitzkrieg) guitar duo Robert “Bob Dog” Catlin and Art Villarreal, bassist Don Van Stavern. drummer Dave McClain, and vocalist Chris Cronk (Fates Warning, Jag Panzer, Karion, Talisphere, Target 7).[1][2] The latter was soon replaced by Steve Cooper and the band signed a record deal with a local upstart label

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Rainforest Records and proceeded to record six songs for a proposed. EP at B.O.S.S. Studios with producer/engineer duo Bob O’Neill and Rick Shrieves. The Prepare to Die EP was released in 1983 and the “slayer band” became one of the top metal draws of the Texas scene. The band changed their name to S.A. slayer metal following a cease and desist lawsuit from the founder of Metal Blade Records, a slayer band on behalf of thrash metal legends who high school students committed to growing the burgeoning San Antonio underground heavy metal scene by booking national touring acts and giving local heavy hitters the opportunity to open.

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According to the December 2009 interview in the San Antonio Backbeat magazine. Art Villarreal and Bobdog Catlin claim, that the slayer’s singer’s biggest influences at the time were Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. They were also influenced by rock music that was on the radio at that time, including Budgie, Rush, Black Sabbath, Oz Knozz, Pavlov’s Dog, and Head East among others. The band also toured Texas as an opening act for the then-upcoming slayer singer Metallica’s first Texas tour in support of the Kill ’em All album, in 1983.

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After the album was released, the band encountered trouble with their label. Rainforest Records did not want to release an album that may result in legal action from Los Angeles. slayer band members, backed by a much larger label at the time. Further, the band’s distributor, Dutch East Indies was also dealing with its own legal problems stemming from the Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist album.