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BMTH and Tom Morello 'Get The Party Started'

Tom Morello and Bring Me the Horizon get together on new single ‘Let’s Get the Party Started’. Morello - guitarist from Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave and many others is releasing a new album - The Atlas Underground Fire. Announced last month with his cover of AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' featuring Bruce Spingsteen and Eddie Vedder. Additionally Tom has dropped a new single 'Let's Get the Party Started' featuring Bring Me the Horizon. Definitely check it out:

All in all on working with BMTH Morello says “Bring Me the Horizon is really the current standard bearer of hard rock [and] metal today, and thank God for them for that. I had a couple of huge riffs and we just started mashing it up with Zakk Cervini. Who has worked with them before. This song was written on three continents. Oli was in Brazil, Jordan was in England and then I was here in L.A.,”

In addition he says “It was a real United Nations of metal coming together to produce this song. Which really feels to me like it captures the angst and the frustration of the pandemic boiling over into an all-time mosh pit. This song also has one of my favourite guitar solos that I’ve played in quite a while. As I was really digging deep to make a solo as devastating as the track.”

Bring Me The Horizon back on tour

As equally important Bring Me the Horizon talk of coming out of Covid and back into tours. vocalist Oliver Sykes talks to Kerrang. “When it’s going full speed, non-stop, you never really have time to improve, you just keep, like, muscle memory with a lot of stuff, you’re just doing what you’ve always done,” he says. â€‹â€œAnd if that’s not right, it just stays not right. Having almost two years off and coming back to it, all that muscle memory is gone. So you can kind of reinstate good muscle memory. All the little things that I used to take for granted, or even felt a bit tedious, feel new and different. I mean, even listening to our music again, just getting back into it remembering lyrics and stuff, you think, â€‹â€˜Fuck, this is amazing.’ Now it’s all exciting again."

Likewise keyboardist Jordan Fish says “I feel like it’s going to be amazing! â€‹The show’s looking really good. The production is insane. The setlist is really strong. And we’re just all excited to be together again. I’m hoping that energy comes across. And I feel like the fans are going to be excited just to be there. It’s going to be sick.”

Guitarist Lee Malia adds “We’re desperate to be able to do it. â€‹It’s going to be a shock to the system. My back and my feet are aching just from standing playing guitar because I’ve not stood for that long with my guitar on my shoulder. My body is definitely going to suffer.”

In conclusion Bassist Matt Kean says “I’m hoping that the shows are gonna be crazy. ​While I was in the States, I was keeping an eye on all the festival shows going on and stuff. So it seems like a lot of people have got like this ball of energy that they’ve been saving…”

Bring Me The Horizon’s new single DiE4u is out now. BMTH are currently on tour in the UK.

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