Dinosaur Jr. new single/clip "Garden" and new album to follow Official Merchandise Store

Dinosaur Jr. new single/clip "Garden" and new album to follow

Dinosaur Jr.'s new single 'Garden' and album to come

Dinosaur Jr. have release a new single along with a music video clip entitled "Garden". It's their latest song from their upcoming new album "Sweep it Into Space" This will be Dinosaur Jr.'s twelfth studio album. The album is set for release on 30th April.

The song was written by bassist Lou Barlow and he also is on lead vocals. The music video clip was filmed in Western Massachusetts and directed by Lou and Adelle Barlow.

Barlow talks about the clip and song “Everyone seemed to want a disruption in the order of American life, it seemed necessary. Then it happened. It began as a bitter lamentation but as I was finishing the lyrics, singing over the instrumental version of the song while driving to J’s through the miles of farmland that separate his studio in Amherst and my home in Greenfield (Massachusetts), I saw a sign on a shed: Back to the Garden. I was looking for a resolution, where do we go when faced with such dramatic confusion? Back to basics, back home, back to the garden. Luckily I was able to complete the vocals and instrumentation for the song just before the quarantine."

The clip used iPhones to record and IMovie to edit

He continues "There wasn’t a video planned for the song but since my wife Adelle and I had started making holiday ‘specials’ for my YouTube channel this past December, we thought we could knock one out for Garden. I wanted to capture the two of us holding hands on a levy overlooking a scenic bend in the Connecticut River (very close to where the first Dinosaur video, Little Fury Things, was filmed!). Adelle thought we should incorporate the whimsical paintings of Dinosaur Jr’s tour manager John Moloney. He routinely dashes off caricatures of J, Murph and I when we travel. I told John about our ideas and he thought it would be easy to video the band playing the song. So, John and Adelle quickly captured the band playing the song on their iPhones on a cold February afternoon and I edited it all together in iMovie. Then we had Chloe, the real vid expert at Jagjaguwar, put the paintings by John and Adelle into the mix, and that’s it!
Thanks for watching.”

Another album delayed due to Covid-19

The band originally intended to release the album last year, before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. The wording on the album says "Originally scheduled for mid-2020, this record’s temporal trajectory was thwarted by the coming of the Plague."

Here’s the track listing for Sweep It Into Space:

1. I Ain’t
2. I Met The Stones
3. To Be Waiting
4. I Ran Away
5. Garden
6. Hide Another Round
7. And Me
8. I Expect It Always
9. Take It Back
10. N Say
11. Walking To You
12. You Wonder

Check out the clip below:

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