Geezer Butler Expresses Surprise at Ozzy Osbourne's Swift Solo Success

Geezer Butler Expresses Surprise at Ozzy Osbourne's Swift Solo Success

During a recent appearance on a radio show, Geezer Butler, the bassist of BLACK SABBATH, was asked about his thoughts on Ozzy Osbourne's successful solo career following his departure from the band in 1979. Geezer acknowledged that all the band members were dealing with drug and alcohol addiction at the time, but believed that Ozzy faced the most severe struggles.

However, he commended Ozzy for quickly getting his life back on track with the help of his now-wife and manager, Sharon. This positive change marked the beginning of Ozzy's solo success. Two years ago, Tony Iommi, the guitarist of SABBATH, expressed his view on Ozzy's solo career during an interview. Tony saw it as a beneficial development for both Ozzy and the band.

He emphasized that Ozzy's solo endeavors motivated the band members to regroup and take action. Tony also acknowledged Sharon's instrumental role in helping Ozzy overcome personal challenges and assemble a talented band. He praised the quality of Ozzy's solo work and noted that it provided fans with the opportunity to enjoy diverse musical experiences from both Black Sabbath and Ozzy's solo performances.

After Ozzy's departure, Ronnie James Dio joined BLACK SABBATH and contributed to the creation of the iconic albums "Heaven And Hell" and "Mob Rules" before leaving to form his own band, DIO, in 1982. Despite the split, Dio had intermittent reunions with BLACK SABBATH and eventually collaborated with Iommi and Butler under the name HEAVEN & HELL from 2006 to 2009.

Ozzy's departure from BLACK SABBATH coincided with the band's attempt to record a follow-up to their album "Never Say Die!", which Ozzy himself has previously criticized as their weakest work. Reflecting on the band's history, Ozzy mentioned in an interview a few years ago that he wasn't entirely satisfied with how his tenure with BLACK SABBATH ended. He viewed the band's formation as a remarkable experience, given that they came together organically as four individuals without any preconceived business model.

Creating a record together changed their lives forever. Ozzy contributed his vocals to the first eight BLACK SABBATH albums before embarking on a successful solo career. His solo endeavors resulted in the recording of timeless songs like "Crazy Train" and "No More Tears." Ultimately, Ozzy achieved greater commercial success as a solo artist compared to his time with BLACK SABBATH.

However, he did reunite with the band for the release of their album "13" in 2013, followed by a world tour. Geezer Butler, the bassist of BLACK SABBATH, is currently engaged in promoting his newly published autobiography titled "Into The Void: From Birth To Black Sabbath - And Beyond."

The book is available online now.


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