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GHOST Kicks Off 2023 Tour With Genesis Cover

Swedish occult rock band GHOST gave an electrifying performance at their opening concert of the 2023 tour in Rouen, France. During the show on Sunday, May 21, the band surprised fans by performing their cover version of GENESIS's hit song "Jesus He Knows Me" live for the first time. The concert also featured other notable moments, including the live debut of "Respite On The Spitalfields," the closing track from GHOST's latest album "Impera," released in 2022. A fan-captured video of the performance is available below.

Here is the setlist from the concert:
  1. Kaisarion
  2. Rats
  3. Faith
  4. Spillways
  5. Cirice
  6. Hunter's Moon
  7. Jesus He Knows Me (GENESIS cover) (live debut)
  8. Ritual
  9. Call Me Little Sunshine
  10. Con Clavi Con Dio
  11. Watcher In The Sky
  12. Year Zero
  13. He Is
  14. Miasma
  15. Mary On A Cross
  16. Mummy Dust
  17. Respite On The Spitalfields (live debut)
  1. Kiss The Go-Goat
  2. Dance Macabre
  3. Square Hammer

GHOST also recently released a five-song EP called "Phantomime" on May 19. The EP features their unique takes on songs by iconic bands such as IRON MAIDEN, GENESIS, TELEVISION, THE STRANGLERS, and Tina Turner. In an interview with France's FIP Metal, GHOST's leader Tobias Forge discussed his approach to recording cover songs, explaining that he looks for songs with elements that he can reshape and bring his own touch to. He also expressed his desire to create rock-oriented covers that reflect his musical roots.

GHOST has a history of covering songs from various artists, including THE BEATLES, ABBA, DEPECHE MODE, METALLICA, PET SHOP BOYS, and EURYTHMICS. The band's "Re-Imperatour" summer 2023 U.S. tour, featuring special guest AMON AMARTH, was announced in February and will kick off on August 2 in Concord, California.

"Impera," GHOST's latest album, achieved great success upon its release, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and selling 70,000 equivalent album units in its first week in the U.S. The album topped the charts in Germany and Sweden and reached high positions in several other countries. Produced by Klas Åhlund and mixed by Andy Wallace, "Impera" showcases the creative collaboration between Forge and Swedish co-writers Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare.

In January, GHOST released a revamped version of their song "Spillways" featuring DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott. The original version of "Spillways" is featured on their album "Impera," which has been widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike since its release in March 2022.

The success of "Impera" has fueled GHOST's ongoing tour, which aims to bring their mesmerizing performances to fans across the United States. Produced by Live Nation and FPC Live, the "Re-Imperatour" is scheduled to include 27 dates and will feature special guest AMON AMARTH. The tour will commence on August 2 at Concord Pavilion in Concord, California, and will conclude on September 11 at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, marking a triumphant return to the stage after a much-anticipated hiatus.

With their unique blend of occult rock and theatricality, GHOST continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Their ability to reinterpret classic songs while infusing them with their own distinctive sound sets them apart as a band that consistently delivers memorable performances. Fans eagerly await their upcoming tour and the promise of new music that will further solidify GHOST's position as one of the most intriguing and influential rock acts of our time.

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