Ghost's 'Impera' set to be their highest-charting album Official Merchandise Store

Ghost's 'Impera' set to be their highest-charting album

Ghost's 'Impera' set to be their highest-charting album

Ghosts's album 'Impera' was released on 11th March 2022. It looks like it's going to be the band's highest-charting album.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, singer Tobias Forge spoke about how the pandemic was a big influence on their new album. “I was in a very good place personally, but the world was the opposite,” he said. “We now have mechanisms within our own Western empire who are actively trying to, and to some degree have, created this time machine where we’re regressing. We’re flattening the earth. We’re submitting to stupidity, which is fucking unbelievable.”

"Impera" is stated by Forge to be about "the rise and fall of empires", It takes place centuries ahead of the band's previous effort "Prequelle", which strangely had the Black Plague as background. It's a strange prediction of the times we're in.

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Ghost before 'Impera'

When Ghost were rehearsing for their tour, Forge got a mild case of the Covid-19, the omicron variant. After that, the touring members of the band tested positive, as did a few crew members. Tobias says “The whole band had it at the same time, so we just had COVID rehearsals."

Their album before 'Impera' was released in 2018 called 'Prequelle'. The album received a Grammy nomination for Rock Album and the album hit No.3 on the Billboard's Top 200. Ghost credit Metallica and Dave Grohl among its high-profile fans and the band attracts people from a wide audience of the 'rock' genre.

In other Ghost news, the band recently played on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' performing the song 'Call Me Little Sunshine' The band were originally schedulled to perform on 20th January but cancelled their perfomance just hours before because "had a bit too much going on in Reno, getting all our shit together"

Ghost on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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