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Iggy Pop's favourite song from Stooges Raw Power

Iggy Pop's favourite song from the Stooges Raw Power is told. Iggy Pop is one of the most iconic and influential figures in rock music history. As the lead singer of The Stooges, he helped to shape the sound of punk and rock for generations to come. In a recent interview with Uncut, Iggy Pop tells about his favourite song from Raw Power.

Iggy said "'Search and Destroy' has become very popular. My personal favorite, though, is 'Shake Appeal'. Because that was the only three minutes of my life when I was ever going to approximate Little Richard. It's practically impossible for me to hit a sustained high tone like that and scream that sort of hyped-up, crazy hillbilly rock thing that I always liked."

The frontman said that the "record's masterpiece" was "Search and Destroy" and added "I knew it when we did it. I felt a sense of relief that it made me artistically secure. But I knew I was still socially fucked."

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Raw Power is the high-priced spread

About the new line-up to the Stooges Pop said "I realized that there was almost no one in the world who wanted to save the Stooges. I knew that there were a few malcontented, strange people out there who were actually going to like this, but there was no apparatus to gather them up."

Pop added "I knew our management didn't want it, I knew that radio didn't understand it and I knew that most people wouldn't get it. On top of that, we were all one step away from becoming junkies and the ones that weren't junkies were completely out of touch with reality. I knew what was going to happen."

Sadly not long after the release of Raw Power, the band The Stooges were no more. Iggy added "I had the faith that if we did our best, things would come around. Of course, they did. We were very well rewarded for that record, later. ... All three Stooges albums are equal to me. But Raw Power is the high-priced spread when you're talking about the Stooges. That's the big one."

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