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Lars Ulrich - On his best and worst Metallica albums

In an interview with Louder Sound, Lars Ulrich reveals what he views as the best and worst Metallica album.

Fans might have been expecting Lars to mention one of the Metallica album of the 80s or 90s but the album Lars chose was Hardwired...To Self-Destruct. Lars said "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct is the one I have the fewest issues with, and the one that still sounds the most representative of my current head space."

On the worst album Lars said "We haven’t made a bad record! But seriously, without pussying out, I don’t look at any of them as mistakes. Kill ’Em All [1983]sounds like a very long time ago, a lot of youthful energy on that one. But I’m very at ease with the past."

I thought there would have been a mention of St. Anger? Not even a regretful snare sound? I thought Lars would have mentioned that.

Everyone has their favourite bands they've seen live, or greatest gigs they've been to. Lars tells Louder Sound his "Motörhead, AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy. I don’t know if one is better than the other, but I was fortunate enough to see all of them very early."

Sadly none of us will get to see Motorhead or Thin Lizzy again, unless there's some kind of hologram gig. If Motorhead ever do a hologram gig I think the opening track should be 'Killed by Death'.

And when Lars was asked what his funeral song would be Lars said "Killing In The Name, Rage Against The Machine. ‘Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!’ But I don’t know if that’s a song I feel defines my life. I could go with Oasis, Supersonic, or Diamond Head, Am I Evil?. Or I guess Return Of The Vampire by Mercyful Fate. That’s an old classic that I played on when they re-recorded it around 1993, and maybe in some weird way Return Of The Vampire could be me in my afterlife coming back.

'Killing In The Name' at a funeral? Well this song is regularly misrepresented so it kind of fits with the time we're living in.

In other news Lars speaks of Metallica and how they're keeping on after James Hetfield's return to rehab in September.

“I’m not gonna bullshit you, if I look back to a year ago, there were days where I was more positive, there were days where I was less positive, and there were days where you sit and wonder, ‘How is this going to play out?’” Lars recalls (From Blabbermouth). “And Kirk [Hammett, guitar], Rob [Trujillo, bass] and I were probably talking and communicating closer and more intimately than ever before. This shit is never easy, but it’s also part of the ride, and so you just learn.”

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