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Liam Gallagher "Oasis should never have split up"

Liam Gallagher has said he believes Oasis "should have split up" and he would love it if the band would get back together again. Oasis split up in 2009 and since then there have been rumours about a reunion. However, Liam and his brother Noel are seldom on speaking terms.

In a recent interview with The Times, Liam speaks about his desire for an Oasis reunion. “I’d love Oasis to get back together,” Liam said “If it happens, it happens. But I’m quite happy doing [my solo career]. We should never have split up, but we did, and this is where we’re at,”

Additionally Liam discusses how he now sees Noel as a "different person". “But you know I love him,” he adds. “We split up nearly 13 years ago. It’s ridiculous. We can go on about whose fault it is, but he’s his own man. If he really wanted to get in contact, for my mum’s sake, he could do it, but he obviously doesn’t want to. There are only so many olive branches you can offer.”

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Last year Liam said he would reform Oasis for free after Noel set a pice at one hundred million pounds for an Oasis reformation. Noel was asked about an Oasis reformation and responded with “People ask me that question on a daily basis and I can only say to you that, I just don’t feel like it. When you’re in a band, it’s an absolute compromise so no I don’t think I could come up with an idea and then run it by four people and then six weeks later, somebody knocks it back because their cat’s got a cough so I like to march to the beat of my own drum. Oasis is done I’m afraid.”

Back in 2020 Liam spoke to NME about the reunion happening soon because Noel is “greedy and he loves money and he knows that it’s got to happen soon or it won’t happen.”

Gallagher's third solo album C'mon You Know – due for release at the end of May. The album features the track 'Everything’s Electric' a song that was co-written by Dave Grohl and also features him on drums.

You can catch Liam at Splendour In The Grass in Byron Bay or you can see him at his solo shows at:

  • Auckland. Thursday 21 Jul '22. Details. Spark Arena All Ages
  • Sydney. Saturday 23 Jul '22. Details. Aware Super Theatre All Ages
  • Melbourne. Wednesday 27 Jul '22. Details. John Cain Arena All Ages
  • Perth. Saturday 30 Jul '22. Details. HBF Stadium All Ages
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