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Motley Crue turns 42 years old

This year the legendary metal band Mötley Crüe will turn 42 years old. Formed in Los Angeles in 1981. The band quickly made a name for themselves with their high-energy live shows and controversial image. Over the course of their career, they released nine studio albums, selling over 100 million records worldwide.

The band's early years were marked by a string of hit singles, including "Shout at the Devil," "Girls, Girls, Girls," and "Dr. Feelgood,". They also had a steady stream of scandals and controversies. Despite the constant turmoil, the band managed to endure and continue making music for over four decades.

One of the most successful bands of the 80s, Motley Crue's music has been a staple of rock radio for decades. Their influence can be heard in countless bands that have followed in their wake.

Motley Crue's members have changed over the years, but the band's core lineup of Vince Neil (vocals), Nikki Sixx (bass), Tommy Lee (drums), and Mick Mars (guitar) has remained the same since their formation.

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This year the band will be playing a world tour with metal mates Def Leppard. In October 2022 Mick Mars retired as a touring member of the band. Mars has had ongoing health issues and the touring doesn't help him. Guitarist John 5 has taken his place as a touring guitarist.

In other Crüe news frontman Vince Neil cancelled his solo appearance at Roksland Fest because of his Covid-19 diagnosis. Neil said ” this thing is really kickin’ my ass.” He adds “I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to the RokIsland Fest organizers and most of all my friends and fans. I am disappointed to say the least, I was so looking forward to this show. I am hopeful that I will have the opportunity to make this up in 2024.”





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