Nirvana NFTs launch on Kurt Cobain's birthday Official Merchandise Store

Nirvana NFTs launch on Kurt Cobain's birthday

Nirvana NFTs to launch on the celebration of Kurt Cobain's birthday

Nirvana NFTs are set to launch on Kurt Cobain's birthday. A new set of Nirvana NFTs will be launched next month. On the day that would have been Kurt Cobain’s 55th birthday. It'll be launched on 20th February and they're never before seen photos of a Nirvana gig from 1991. The photos are from a gig that Nirvana played just six days after the release of their Nevermind album.

Some die-hard Nirvana fans aren't too happy about the release. Being that most of the lyrics to Nirvana were against capitalism and commercialisation. It's not just NFTs being sold for thousands, Kurt Cobain's brown cardigan sold for $334,000 in an auction.

Nirvana Merchandise Sale

The company selling the NFTs is called Pop Legendz who describe their wor as “music & pop culture collectible NFTs”. The most expensive of the NFT collection will sell for $350,000. That's pretty close to the amount the cardigan was sold for. The artwork is GIFs of never before seen footage. The photos were taken by photographer Faith West. Not only is there an auction but the company is selling 100 NFTs of each of the 31 different pictures for about $140.

Photographer Faith West remembers how it felt watching Nirvana at that show in 1991. Faith says the mood in the place was "thick with anticipation" and "there was a buzz of excitement that said something awesome was about to transpire. Also, there was a sense of joy emanating from Cobain and his raucous guitar lucks and the transcendent longing of his vocals...I can still hear the echo of the fuzzy guitar, and feel the energy in the room, when I recall it now, three decades later."

Half of the profits will go to LGBTQIA+ organisation The Trevor Project and another portion of the proceeds will go to Grid Alternatives, an org which brings solar power to working class families.

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