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Ozzy Osbourne retiring from touring

Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary British rocker, has announced that he will be retiring from touring. He will not be able to embark on a European and UK tour this spring due to his physical incapabilities. The 74-year-old singer, who rose to fame as the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath, has been receiving treatment for years following a fall in 2019 that worsened his spinal injuries sustained in a 2003 quad bike accident.

In a post on Instagram on Wednesday, Osbourne shared the news with his devoted fans, expressing his disappointment at having to cancel the tour. He stated that despite having a healthy voice, his body cannot handle the travel demands of touring. The former Black Sabbath frontman went on to say that this was "probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to share with my loyal fans."

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However, Osbourne and his team are not giving up on performing for his fans. They are currently exploring alternative options for him to perform without travel. The legendary singer has built a legacy over the years and his fans have shown unwavering support. This is why Osbourne and his team are determined to find a way for him to continue performing, even if it means finding alternative methods.

Ozzy Osbourne's influence on the heavy metal genre is huge, and his fans have come to love and expect his energetic live performances. Fans have been posting their sadness about Ozzy Osbourne's retirement all over social media with Lou Brutus saying "While I am sad that Ozzy Osbourne has ended his touring career, I believe it the right thing to do. I’ve long said he needs to concentrate on his health. Ozzy has given us his all and owes nothing to anyone. He is a treasure I hope we enjoy for years to come. God Bless You, Ozzy!" Very true, Lou!

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