Red Hot Chili Peppers to get star on 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame' Official Merchandise Store

Red Hot Chili Peppers to get star on 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame'

Red Hot Chili Peppers to get star on 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame'

Red Hot Chili Peppers will get a star on the 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame'. The ceremony has been set for Thursday 31st March, they will be the 2,717th star on the walk. The Red Hot Chili Peppers star will be located in the second row at 6212 Hollywood Boulevard. Amoeba Records is located right across the street.

Additionally, The band's star will be a neighbour to talk show legend Jack Paar, TV producer Harry Friedman and Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak. The ceremony will feature funk legend George Clinton who will kick off the ceremony. Clinton produced Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1985 Freaky Styley album. Other stars joining Clinton will be Woody Harrelson, musician Bob Forrest and emcee for the ceremony Nicole Mihalka.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Producer Ana Martinez said “Our hometown Hollywood boys are finally coming to collect their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We have been waiting for them to break away from their busy schedules to dedicate their star, and we are thrilled to welcome them to our Walk of Fame family.”

The band have a new album Unlimited Love due to drop on 1st April, and that's no joke. A tour will follow the release of the album. The group have already released two songs from the album 'Black Summer' and 'Poster Child'.

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The new album will mark the band's first album since the return of their guitarist John Frusciante in 2019. Anthony Kiedis tells NME “I really didn’t want to tell the same old story that we’ve been hearing for the last 50 years in rock music,” about the RHCP's new album.

He adds “I liked reaching out in 10,000 directions and seeing what was out there. We weren’t limiting ourselves but trying to tap into something that is honest and emotional. Hopefully, we’ve said something that hasn’t been said before, or at least said it in a way that hasn’t.”

The band spoke about the reconnection with Frusciante and the change in their sound.

However, Keidis said “The biggest event, honestly, was John returning to the band. That was the most monumental change in our lives. And God was I down for anything and everything.”

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