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Tommy Lee of Motley Crue was drinking two gallons of vodka a day

It's no secret that Motley Crue had their days of exuberant drug and alcohol use. As told in their Netflix movie 'The Dirt' - based on the 2001 autobiography The Dirt: Confessions of The World's Most Notorious Rock Band.

As told in the movie and book, when Nikki Sixx was using heroin heavily, he overdosed and was clinically dead for two minutes. Sixx was brought back to life thanks to the work of paramedics in the ambulance that was taking him to hospital, the paramedics injected him with 2 shots of adrenaline to well...kick start his heart. This was the influence to the song.

These days the men of Mötley have slowed down their partying behaviour and there was a rumoured reunion for 2020 but that didn't come to thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although in 2019, For Tommy Lee old habits are hard to break. Tommy was drinking a little more than usual.

“I didn’t notice it until towards the end of it, when I was like, ‘Oh dude, I’ve got to stop,’” Tommy tells Yahoo Entertainment.

“Like, I was drinking just out of boredom. I would just wake up and be just building [a glass with] just all vodka and just a little eyedropper of cranberry or lemonade. I was drinking two gallons — not pints, not quarts, but gallons, the big-handles — a day. That’s fucking crazy,” he continued.

For those who use the metric system that's around 7-and-a-half litres of vodka a day! That's more than the recommended amount of water an adult should drink a day. That's just crazy! This was after Tommy Lee spent four solid years of being sober. Lee continued “I just realized, ‘Whoa dude, you’re drinking enough to like, you could probably die.’” Totally dude, that's a lot of vodka! And it's a lot of water to drink a day too. Luckily he didn't drown.

Lee's wife Brittany Furlan was a good encouragement to help Lee seek sobriety. Tommy tells “She was like, ‘Baby, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen anybody drink that much. Like, you’re kind of scaring me, She was definitely concerned, and her concern obviously helped in my decision to just go get outta here,” he added. “I bailed for over a month and just was like, ‘That’s it, I’m done for a while.’

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