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When Tom Morello got lost looking for Bon Scott's grave

Tom Morello looks for the grave of Bon Scott

Tom Morello got lost looking for the grave of Bon Scott as told in recent interview in Guitar World. This late-night adventure led to him recording a cover of the AC/DC classic "Highway to Hell". This great cover featured Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder.

You can hear the track on his latest album - The Atlas Underground Fire. Have a listen below


Tom tells the tale “When I was playing with the E Street Band in 2014. We were in Perth, Australia, the home of Bon Scott. I wanted to pay my respects at his grave,” He adds “So I’m wandering around this Perth-ian graveyard at, like, 11:30 at night. I’m unable to find it. I’m out there for about an hour, and then out in the distance comes this motorbike. Like this little light in the cemetery. And this dude rides up — a heavy-set dude with a German WWII motorcycle helmet on and a T-shirt that reads ‘I don’t give a shit, but if I did, you’re the one I’d give it to.’ I’m like, ‘This guy is going to know where Bon Scott’s grave is!”

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Morello continues “Sure enough, he did. So he shows me, I pay my respects, and I go back to the hotel. When I get there I see Bruce in the bar. And I’m like, ‘Bruce, since we’re here in Australia, do you think there’s any way that the circle of the E Street Band and the circle of AC/DC might overlap?’ And he goes, ‘I never really thought about that before, but I’ll think about it now.’ And over the course of the next few days, we started rehearsing 'Highway to Hell' at soundcheck.”

The Atlas Underground Fire. is the second collaborative album by Tom Morello. It was released on 15th October 2021, other guest appearances are Bring Me the Horizon, Grandson, Phantogram, Damian Marley, Mike Posner, Chris Stapleton, Phem, Protohype, Dennis Lyxzén of Refused and Sama' Abdulhadi.

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