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A mistaken Ghost at the American Music Awards

At the seating of the American Music Awards for the band, Ghost was a photograph of a different kind of Ghost. The gaff of the photo was spotted by justjarrred.com. It wasn't long until it became a discussion on social media.

As seen in the picture below, they used the wrong band photo of Ghost. The photo is actually a photo of a band from Los Angeles called Love Ghost.

You don't even need to zoom in to see this is not the Swedish band Ghost fronted by Tobias Forge. That wasn't the only incorrect reference for the band. On the red carpet, a photographer called Tobias Forge "Mr. Ghost". There have been many comments about this on Twitter.

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The band won the Favourite Rock Album award for their album Impera. The album peaked at No.3 on the ARIA charts. The theme focuses on "the rise and fall of empires" something that we could be in right now.

In a recent interview with Jon Weigell on Rolling Stone's Twitch channel, Tobias Forge spoke about following up on Impera.

“I think I’ve never really ended an album production, or left an album production, without feeling like there are things that I would wanna do different next time. Kind of [the way I feel] about [Ghost’s onstage] costumes. You try to… slowly and steadily you try to perfect. For every process end up doing some of experiment that might have been a miracle, or the next time you’re, like, ‘Oh, let’s never do that again."

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"Because recording and writing and just making a record is also… it’s a boring thing. There’s a lot of practical factors that will play into the result of making a record. Historically, if we don’t talk about my band, but just historic records, there’s a big difference between recording in your hometown and recording a record on a tropical island someplace. None of it is better than the other; it just means two different things. And people that you work with, and what state of mind you are in when you are doing it. And if you work nights or if you do work in the daytime. There are so many things like that.

“So right now I’m more about vibing. I’m trying to build a new vibe for writing this record now, just to sort of see to it that I don’t end up repeating myself, and do something else. Evoke a few good things from the past and try to eradicate some of the things I didn’t like. And once more, you try to do it perfectly. It’s like being that sort of person that gets married for the sixth time: ‘This time is gonna be great. It’s gonna be perfect this time.’”

In conclusion, whatever the case, I'm looking forward to hearing new music from Ghost (not to be confused with Love Ghost.

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