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Are Metallica Heavy Metals Nicest Band?

From their endless charity to their connection with fans, Metallica have definitely become metal’s good guys.

Over the last decade, Metallica have arguably done more than any band near their size to show just why they're one of the most fundamentally decent metal bands around. Through their endless charity initiatives which have raised millions of dollars for good causes around the world, their personal connection with their most diehard fans or supporting young bands across the music industry, they’ve proved why their worthy of the title.

But just to name a few…

Their continuous support of younger artists

Despite being one of the biggest bands in the history of metal, Metallica have never failed to remember how important it is to support upcoming artists. Lars Ulrich has given his support to many younger bands over the years, and most famously The Sword, who he performed live with in 2009, and Bokassa, who he described as his "new favourite band" ahead of the Norwegians supporting Metallica in stadiums in 2019. 

That time James Hetfield personally rang the Metallica fan who gave birth at their show

A woman gave birth at a Metallica show in Brazil in May. The story immediately went viral as fan Joice M Figueiró revealed that her baby son "was born right there, in Couto Pereira, to the sound of Metallica". What made the whole thing even more wholesome, though? Later that week James Hetfield rang Figueiró to congratulate her, as confirmed in a video posted by the new mum not long after.

Are Metallica Heavy Metal’s Nicest Band?

Setting up the All Within My Hands Foundation

One of the most significant charity initiatives ever created by a rock band, the All Within My Hands Foundation has raised millions for great causes. The foundation is responsible for opening 23 schools across the United States dedicated to career progression and initiatives, donating a portion of every recent US tour ticket sold to local food banks and supporting major humanitarian drives in more than 80 countries around the world.

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