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Bill Bailey dances to Metallica's Enter Sandman

Bill Bailey dances to Metallica

Comedian Bill Bailey performed a tango to Metallica's Enter Sandman for the semi-finals for the BBC TV dance competition Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night.

Bill Bailey has been a metal and prog rock fan for years and he explained why he chose to dance to Enter Sandman.

“When I signed up to the show, I asked if I might be able to pick some of the music, and one of my choices was this iconic song, so I am utterly stoked to have been given it,” Bailey writes. “I imagine Dave Arch and his band will relish the chance to release their inner rock gods. Let Loose The Dave of Rock!

“This anthem is one of Metallica’s biggest hits and has great drama to it, with one of the most famous riffs in the rock canon,” Bailey continues. “So it’s a brilliant song for a Tango – rhythmic, powerful and full of atmosphere, and if I can channel just a little of this, I’ll be happy. And I might even get to air-guitar like a loon, which I know will end up as one of my favourite Strictly moments yet. Suffice to say it is one of my dream tracks.”

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