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Bring Me The Horizon 'AMO' turns 4

The Bring Me The Horizon album 'AMO' turns 4 this year. Released 25th January 2019. The album is a testament to the band's evolution and growth as musicians. Throughout their career, Bring Me The Horizon has been known for their heavy metal and metalcore roots. With "AMO," they branch out into new territory, incorporating elements of pop and electronic music. This experimentation results in a fresh and unique sound that sets the band apart from their peers.

The album opens with the upbeat and catchy "I Apologize If You Feel Something," setting the tone for the rest of the album. The band's signature aggressive vocals are still present, but they are blended seamlessly with electronic beats and pop melodies. "MANTRA" and "Medicine" continue in this vein, featuring powerful choruses and catchy hooks that will have listeners singing along.

The band also explores more personal and introspective themes on "AMO." "Wonderful Life" features a guest appearance by Cradle of Filth's Dani Filth. It deals with themes of depression and mental health. "Ouch" is a raw and emotional track that deals with the pain and hurt of a toxic relationship.

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Another track that stands out is "Mother Tongue" which features a great blend of heavy guitar riffs and electronic beats, the song also features a great message of self-empowerment and self-acceptance, making it one of the most relatable track on the album.

In conclusion, "AMO" is a strong and diverse album that showcases Bring Me The Horizon's growth and evolution as a band. The album seamlessly blends heavy metal and electronic elements, resulting in a fresh and unique sound. The band's willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of their genre is evident throughout the album, making it a must-listen for both fans and newcomers alike. With "AMO," Bring Me The Horizon has created an album that is both catchy and infectious, while also dealing with important and personal themes. It's definitely an album that will be remembered for a long time in the music industry.

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