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Bring Me The Horizon perform an intimate set on KROQ

Bring Me The Horizon perform an intimate set on legendary California radio station KROQ. An intimate set with around 30 fans watching. The show was recorded in KROQ's DTS Sound Space. The band performs four songs for the select group of lucky fans who were there. The songs include 'Teardrops', 'Medicine', DiE4U (latest single) and 'Throne'. After the set, they answered questions from the fans who were in the room.

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Additionally, Bring Me The Horizon have announced that in 2022 they will be releasing new material. Initially Bring Me The Horizon's Post Human: Survival Horror was pitched to be the first of four EPs released in a calendar year, this didn't happen. Covid and other issues stop these plans. Keyboardist Jordan Fish reveals to Kerrang! the new releases will be "more influenced by emo and screamo.”

He ads “These records are about the music that we grew up listening to in the order that we discovered it,” he explained. “We all started listening to Linkin Park, Deftones and Slipknot. Then we moved into that more emo/post-hardcore sound of bands like Glassjaw. It’s still a rock record at its core: there’s still heavier stuff and big songs on there. DiE4U is a good glimpse of the direction it's going in.”

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'DiE4U' was the first taster from the follow-up to their 2020 chart smashing 'Post Human: Survival Horror' EP. Additionally, Oli Sykes tells NME about their new songs “The topic of the next record is going to be about how as I’m getting older, to ask what are the life lessons that I’ve learned? What can I give to the next generation or younger people looking up and listening to us?, What is it that I can teach? Are the truths I need to learn and accept myself?”

He adds: “I come from a heavy background and rock music was my first obsession, but at the same time I’ve always loved pop music. How do we blend those two worlds completely and not just make pop-y rock music but make extreme pop music? That was the goal of this record.”

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