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Chvrches coming back to Australia

Chvrches are coming back to Australia in December and January. The synth-pop trio from Glasgow will be playing in Melbourne, Yelgun, and Fremantle as part of the Falls Festival.

Their fourth and latest album Screen Violence released in August 2021 peaked at no.6 in the Australian Albums ARIA chart and peaked at No.1 on the Scottish album charts. Lauren Mayberry spoke to The Music about the track Final Girl from the Screen Violence album "Once Iain put the guitar parts in that song - he's such a great guitar player - and we had the other instrumentals, I felt I could run with the metaphor a bit more, and people would understand it," explains Mayberry "Final Girl was one of the last songs we wrote for the album. It's about a period of disillusionment and exhaustion that I think many people, especially women, feel at a certain point in their careers."

On her inspiration for her lyrics, she said "Lyrics are where I can say things I wouldn't say to people in conversation," she says. "When I was writing Good Girls, it was like, this is how I want to be if I didn't take any of this stuff. I shouldn't justify it, so I won't. But in real life, I'm probably justifying about 60% of the time."

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she adds "But at that moment, in that persona, you can hope and write a better version of yourself. And then, in the other half of the album, I'll write the truest, most cutting things that wouldn't say but about yourself and other people. I feel like that's some of my favourite stuff that we've done is when you can kind of turn the pain on yourself and have that self-reflection. It's free therapy, I guess."

On their return to Australia Lauren Mayberry said "For a long time, we weren't sure if it would be possible for bands to tour Australia. There's a common sensibility in terms of outlook and a sense of humour. Whenever we're on a night out in Australia, it feels very Glaswegian to me in a lot of ways. At the time of year and what's happening, it feels nice to be doing something that feels celebratory and joyful"

She adds "We're definitely not one of those bands that only play the new album; we've got quite a good cross-section of stuff from all the years. But the aesthetic is all very Screen Violence-y. The festivals will be good, spooky fun."

Chvrches are one of the greatest synth-pop bands in the world right now, if you've got the chance to check 'em out you should. They'll be playing sets at Falls Festival and Heaps Good Festival.

Chvrches Tour Dates

Thursday 29th December - Falls Festival Melbourne, VIC

Saturday 31st December - Falls Festival Yelgun, NSW

Friday 6th January 2023 - Heaps Good Festival Wayville, SA

Saturday 7th January 2034 - Falls Festival Fremantle, WA

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