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Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC on 'AC/DC Beyond The Thunder'

Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC talks AC/DC

Run-DMC's Darryl McDaniels kicks off season three of 'AC/DC Beyond The Thunder'. McDaniels said "I'm honoured that I get to talk about AC/DC right now, because... it's my thing,"

During the interview, he was proudly wearing his AC/DC T-shirt. The rap/hip-hop legend talks about the sampling of 'Back In Black' by The Beastie Boys, overcoming depression and drugs through music and a Run-DMC reunion offer to play Super Bowl with AC/DC.

The episode opens with when Darryl was introduced to AC/DC when he was growing up. Darryl grew up as a Catholic kid in Hollis, Queens. "I think I heard 'Highway To Hell' first," listening to KROCK while cruising around town in the late 1970s. "It was an experience," he said. "AC/DC takes you on a ride."

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Darryl was often referred to as "white boy" to his friends because of his love of classic rock. As DMC fans would know he infused his love of classic rock into his hip hop music. "When I discovered 'Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution', that flow is way better than fucking GZA from the WU-TANG CLAN," he said. "Nobody beats that. AC/DC was definitive of what rock 'n' roll really, truly is. Everybody else does rock 'n' roll. This band is rock 'n' roll."

DMC was asked if there is any chance of a Run-DMC reunion "Everybody's asked me, 'Why don't me and Run do the Super Bowl… put this out viral... I'll do the Super Bowl â€” if AC/DC does it," he said. Run-DMC have not performed together since the murder of Jam Master Hay.

"AC/DC Beyond The Thunder" was created by duo Gregg Ferguson and Kurt Squiers, who both quit their jobs and set out to capture a feature-length documentary as the ultimate homage, but failed to secure the band's approval. Ferguson and Squiers then decided to unearth these stories of well-known fans discussing their affinity for AC/DC and harness that energy into a podcast with the help of sound engineer Eric Kielb. From archival interviews to all new guest episodes, "AC/DC Beyond The Thunder" is now in its third season with over 150,000 streams.

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