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Ghost already working on new album

Ghost working on new album. Ghost have only just recently released their hugely successful album Impera and now they're already working on a new album.

Impera debuted at no.1 in five countries and charted in the top 40 in charts all around the world. James Hickie of Kerrang! stated "Impera is among Ghost’s very best and sure to push them even closer to those heavenly heights."

In a recent interview with frontman Tobia Forge spoke of the plans of a new album and what the name is likely to be. "We’re still in the position where a new record [will inform] the overall impression of the band. If they didn’t want to, the Rolling Stones wouldn’t have released a new record in the last 50 years. People would still worship them. We’re still at a point where the record means something and that’s not going to be forever. At some point, you’ll turn into a nostalgia band and that’s fine."

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He adds "Right now, we have a plan up until 2025. I already know what I want to do, what I want to make and how I want the next record to sound. I know the title of the next record. Know what the cover’s gonna be. I know what we’re gonna change and what we’re gonna do live. There's a plan but it’s not the endgame."

Opeth guitarist Fredrik Akesson featured on the Impera album and said in a recent interview if he would work with Ghost again. "Yeah, definitely! In the end, I had a good time. I'm very picky also when I record stuff so I liked the focus on the details. I never put down so many layers of guitars in a recording before. Some tracks, there could be 16 channels of guitars. Some rhythm packs were, like, eight guitars. It was like craftsmanship, getting these massive walls of guitars done."

Fredrik was asked the time he first heard Ghost "We did a tour with Mastodon, and Ghost were opening on that bill; they had released their first album [2010’s Opus Eponymous]. There was a big buzz about the band at the time. The imagery was so interesting; Tobias was dressed as the Pope and had incense on stage. We were curious because there were a lot of myths about the band. I love that stuff."

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