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Iron Maiden replica plane malfunction during 'Aces High'

Iron Maiden is known for their over-the-top stage shows, and their latest tour is no exception. The band has been performing in front of a life-size replica of a WWII-era Spitfire plane. Unfortunately, during a recent show, the plane malfunctioned and had to be removed off the stage.

The incident occurred during the Iron Maiden song "Aces High," the second song in their set. As the plane began to descend from the ceiling on cue, it suddenly stopped and then slowly started to crash. The band continued to perform for a few more minutes before realizing that something was wrong.

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Crew members quickly rushed onstage to assess the situation and determine what was wrong with the plane. After a few minutes, it was determined that the plane's hydraulics had failed, causing it to become stuck in place. The band apologized to the crowd and promised to make up the show at a later date. While it's definitely not what they were hoping for, Iron Maiden still put on a great show despite the malfunctioning plane.

Iron Maiden Plane Crash during 'Aces High'

Singer Bruce Dickinson is used to unexpected craziness during shows. Just last month, whilst performing a fan hopped up on stage and started doing metal-karate moves. This also happened during their song "Aces High". Dickinson wasn't injured and he grabbed him by the collar and ejected him behind the curtain. Security guards then took care of the rest.

After the band finish their "Legacy of the Beast" tour they will have a brand new tour and set for 2023. The band announced a bunch of European dates for their "The Future Past" tour which will focus on songs from Senjutsu and their 1986 album Somewhere in Time. They have suggested their may be a few favourites added to the set.

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