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Is Machine Gun Kelly getting back into rap?

For the past few years, Machine Gun Kelly has been focused on his pop-punk music and acting career. He's landed roles in major films like Taurus, Good Mourning and Birdbox. Now it seems he may be getting back into the rap music game.

Machine Gun Kelly has teased he might return to rap on his next album. MGK appears On Kentucky Rapper EST Gee's new track "Death Around the Corner". The track is on the new album by EST Gee "I Never Felt Nun" and it was released last Friday. On the track, you hear MGK sing "I had to take the knife out of my back from someone who was like a son to me..." This gave MGK fans a mystery about what he's referring to. In addition, he's heard singing “I’m like Barack now, I’m the president, and the squad can’t be touched.” Well I guess it'll be funny if he referred himself to Joe Biden.

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It's impossible to say for sure what direction Machine Gun Kelly will go in with his next project. He's never been one to stick to one particular sound or style. He effortlessly shifts between rap, rock, punk and pop depending on the song. Although, he might be leaning more towards rap this time around—but who knows? Only time will tell.

We can't say for certain what Machine Gun Kelly has planned for 2022 and beyond. Either way, it looks like we might be getting some new music. Machine Gun Kelly is currently on tour in Europe. He recently announced he’ll be joining the 2023 Coors Light Birds Nest lineup. It goes for four days and will take place 8-11th Feb 2023, MGK will perform on 10th Feb. "Tickets to My Downfall" was one of Machine Gun Kelly's chart-topping albums. It topped the Billboard 200 and had 18 songs land on the Hot Rock Songs Chart. His album "Mainstream Sellout" hit No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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