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Mastodon has new music in the works

Metal fans would be happy to know Mastodon has been working together and there's new music in the works. For over two decades, Mastodon has been cranking out some of the most face-meltingly heavy riffs and ear-splitting solos that the metal world has ever seen. In an interview with Josh Balz and Jose Mangin of Danny Wimmer Presents, drummer Brann Dailor talks about their new music.

"I think we're going to work on some new tunes, actually. I think we have a few months off coming up so it's gonna be nice to chill for a second, but I want to get back in the studio and mess with some things," Dailor says.

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"There was a bunch of songs that we didn't really give the full treatment [to during the Hushed And Grim sessions] because it got to the point where we had had to pick what songs were going to be on the album. But we had more material that we're like 'I want to go dig into some of that stuff.' I really liked what was going on with a few of those songs, so I don't know. Maybe you'll see some new music from us sooner than later."

Last month Mastodon finished up their North American tour with Ghost. On September 21st frontman for Ghost - Tobias Forge invited Brann Dailor on their YouTube live stream for a nice chat over their love of music and gave us some life stories.

There's no denying that Mastodon are one of the most talented and innovative bands in metal today. Their new album, when that comes out is sure to be another masterpiece, we look forward to it when it comes out.

Ghost - In-Conversation With Special Guest Brann of Mastodon

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