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Mastodon perform 'Teardrinker' on 'Late Night With Seth Myers'

Mastodon appeared on Late Night With Seth Myers and performed their recent song 'Teardrinker'. Teardrinker is from Mastodon's latest album 'Hushed And Grim" which was released on 29th October. The album was a follow-up to the 2017 "Emperor Of Sand" album. Rolling Stone commented that "Hushed and Grim never stops giving. The album’s energy, depth, and power make it a completely unique addition to the band’s mammoth catalog.

Mastodon on 'Late Night With Seth Myers'

In recent news it was announced Mastodon have been nominated for a Grammy Award. The award is for Best Metal Performance award for their track Pushing the Tides. They're up against the stellar competition of Deftones, Dream Theater, Gojira and Rob Zombie.

In an interview earlier this year with Guitar World Kelliher paid tribute to Metallica as they celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Black Album. He recalled touring with the metal giants on a series of dates supporting their 2008 album, Death Magnetic, and shared insight into their grueling work ethic.

“They really work for it,” he said. “They had a mobile practice room, like a shipping container, that went everywhere with them. And every day they would open it up three hours before the gig with Pro Tools set up and everything mic'd up.

“I’m not kidding, they would play for three fucking hours before they played on stage for another two fucking hours. I think it was called the 'Tuning and Attitude' room. They’d be playing different songs every night so they’d be jamming through different setlists while we were sitting around drinking beer and picking our noses!”

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