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Metallica: The $24.95 book

Metallica have had a huge career selling over 125 million records worldwide. Formed in 1981 by vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. Based in San Francisco for most of their career. They are one of the big four of Thrash metal, alongside Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.

They've smashed a huge cultural feedback into the world which changed the world of heavy music. As they gear up to celebrate their 40th anniversary, a new book will show the impact Metallica have had on our culture.

Metallica: The $24.95 Book. The book is written by Ben Apatoff from years of extensive research. The book features chapters dedicated to each member of Metallica and each album. It also features tours, fashion, film, books, fans, influences and more.

Ben Apatoff says “I wanted it to be more than a fact book. Not just something people could look up on the Internet,”

Now the cost of the book might not be as obvious as one might think. This is in USD, if it was on todays exchange rate for AUD the book would cost $34.01, Metallica: The $34.01 Book doesn't sound as catchy.

40 Years of Metallica

"The metal band everybody knows—but nobody has ever figured out. Ben Apatoff has taken the ultimate deep dive into the dark legend of Metallica. One of rock's weirdest and most fascinating mysteries. In this brilliant book, he tells the definitive story of how a band of nobodies took on the world. And why the world will never be the same."

—Rob Sheffield, author of Dreaming the Beatles

Metallica, by dedicated fan and music journalist Ben Apatoff, including previously unpublished photos and a foreword by What Are You Doing Here? author Laina Dawes, provides an in-depth look at the band and their music that both die-hard fans and newcomers can enjoy. the book is available for pre-order from Roman and Littlefield.

In other celebrations of Metallica's 40th anniversary they're also releasing to hyped "The Metallica Blacklist" where there's 53 tracks from singer/songwriters, country artists, hip hop artists, punk rockers, indie rockers, iconic rockers, all sorts of musos around the world show their love of Metallica. And the good thing about it all, it all goes to charities from the choice of artist and also goes to Metallica's All Within My Hands foundation.

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