Oliver Sykes from BMTH talks about which band they can't top Official Merchandise Store

Oliver Sykes from BMTH talks about which band they can't top

Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) are a popular band that has been around for a while. They have seen other bands come and go, but they are still going strong. Oliver Sykes recently spoke with Toni Gonzalez of Loudwire Nights about which band he doesn't want to follow on stage.

Bring Me The Horizon are not shy of putting on their own intense energetic show. Oliver Sykes said that Fever 333 are a band he thinks his energy just can't top.

Sykes said "I mean we've taken them on tour, but every time I watch our friends, the Fever... They are just — I think we go quite hard onstage but then you watch those guys [expletive] and you're like, 'F--k, man, how are we gonna top this?' We can't" He adds "It's chaos, man. They're sick, though. Love it,"

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Fever 333 are an American rock band formed in California in 2017. They're a three-piece band featuring vocalist Jason Aalon Butler, guitarist Stephen Harrison and drummer Aric Improta. Their debut (EP), Made in America was released on 23rd March, 2018. The band is signed to Roadrunner Records and 333 Wreckords. Their first LP Strength in Numb333rs was released a year later and its second EP Wrong Generation was released in 2020.

In an interview with NME Jason Aalon Butler tells about the band working on a new album. "It's there. I'm wrapping the album in the next month, and I'm very excited about it," He said. "All self-aggrandising elements aside, for better or for worse and whether people love it or hate it, I feel like I've created my idea of a genre-defining album that I've wanted to hear my whole life."

He adds "I've finally created songs and elements of what that really means to me. I'm really excited to offer something that doesn't necessarily fit into a place but rather runs concurrently in the progress that is art and music. Something in its own lane hopefully."

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