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Randy Blythe of 'Lamb of God' appears on Weather Channel

Lamb of God's Randy Blythe has appeared on a TV but this time it's not all about the music. The frontman recently appeared on the Weather Channel to talk about his time in Ecuador where he spent time being an environmental activist.

Blythe spoke with his friend Carlos on the Pattrn Show. The two spoke about the importance of sustainability. How Blythe was able to raise money to buy land in Ecuador to save and conserve environment. He was able to raise enough money by joining Cameo. So don't those Cameo videos are wasteful, they can bring a lot of good!

“Ecuador has the highest annual deforestation rate in the western hemisphere,” He said. “This is causing greenhouse gases to just go on and on and on because you need trees to absorb this stuff. We’re seeing it in our costal areas, the water levels are rising, it’s all interconnected. For me, it’s about paying attention to things that are happening right in front of your eyes and not ignoring them. Like this climate change. That’s sort of the message of Omens — not superstitious omens, but more like, let’s pay attention to these historically repeating patterns and try and do something about it.”

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Not long after Blythe's appearance on the Weather Channel, Louder Than Life spoke with Randy Blythe and Mark Morton. Morton said “Randy was really excited to be on the Weather Channel." Blythe responded "Very excited!”. He added “And Jamey Jasta hit me up and he was like, ‘Dude, so many people are hitting me up because you’re on the Weather Channel. They have deep respect for you now. He sent me a video of him with Kirk from Crowbar and Kirk was like, ‘Yeah brah, I love that you’re on the Weather Channel. I watch it all the time. Now you’re big time."

In other Lamb of God's news their new album "Omens" is out soon and speaking to WSOU 89.FM. Mark Morton said "It started, really, because we knew the way we were gonna record it. We knew we were gonna be all together [in the studio recording at the same time]. I don't know if the average music listener pays attention to that kind of thing, but it's not really a very common way to make a record these days. To be all playing at the same time and recording every piece of it at the same time and saving parts of each performance. That's the way things used to be done, but very rarely are they done like that. So I think we felt internally it would be cool to document that process, knowing we were gonna be doing it that way. "

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He adds "Also there's just a history of behind-the-scenes documentary within Lamb of God, just historically. Back in 2000s, DVD days, we were really open with having cameras around and filming ourselves for better or worse and kind of letting our fans see what it's like every step of the way, really — sometimes to a fault. And I think that access is really early in what kind of helped create such a bond between us and a lot of our fans is because they feel like they know us because they've been given so much access. So it had been some time since we'd done anything like that, but deciding to do so felt pretty natural."

"Omens" is Lamb of God's new album and it will be released on 7th October. The band worked with heir longtime collaborator Josh Wilbur (Megadeth, Korn). Recorded at Henson Record Studios in Los Angeles, California.

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