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Rob Halford on Miley Cyrus Metallica covers

In an interview on the Life On The Stocks podcast. Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford praises Miley Cyrus on her musical career.

“She is incredible,” says Halford. “If you think about her life in showbusiness from being a little kid. How she’s kept her head on straight… She went a bit mad as a teenager, which you should do, that’s your right, she was expressing herself.”

As for the up and coming Metallica covers album by Miley Cyrus. Halford says "I can’t wait that’s going to be great. She has an extraordinary voice. Lady Gaga the voice is everything, and she’s a metalhead, she’s always throwing the horns up. She’s someone I’d love to meet if the stars ever aligned.”

Halford discussed the women in music that have inspired him in his life.

“Women power, girl power…bless them, we wouldn’t be here without women. None of us blokes would be here without our beautiful mums,” he notes. “Women are so strong and powerful, especially in music… Gaga, Madonna, Miley, my friend Maria [Brinks] from In This Moment, and going back to Vinegar Joe with Elkie Brooks, Janis Joplin and Shirley Bassey… the power of women can’t be understated.”

Halford on the time when he met the Queen.

“I’ve also loved the royal family,” he notes. “For a guy from Walsall going through the gates of Buckingham Palace. Walking up the steps and going into the big music room and seeing all these other amazing people. Brian May, Status Quo, Kate Bush… it was just magical. [The Queen] was glowing, literally glowing, and then she’s standing there in front of you. Cilla Black said, ‘He’s come all the way from Finland Your Majesty…’ because she’s met the Queen several times, and the Queen says, ‘Oh, and what kind of music do you play?’ Heavy Metal. “Oooh, heavy metal, why do they play it so loud?’ It was absolutely mad, and that’s just a beautiful cherished memory.”

Check out the podcast below:

The songs on the Metallica covers album are not known as yet. There's a possibility there could be a cover of 'Nothing Else Matters' as Miley has covered this in her live shows.

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