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The biographical chronicles of Pam & Tommy

The biographical chronicles of Pam & Tommy have finally dropped. For those who live in Australia, it's now available on Disney+. The show tells the story of the marriage between entertainer Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The couple are played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan. The show mainly focuses on the time their unauthorised sex tape was made public.

The has a little bit of comedy and a little bit of drama, and a history lesson in the early days of the internet when getting a VHS was faster than downloading a movie. If you were a teenager or 20 something in the 90s you would be familiar with the Pam & Tommy sex tape scandal.

Lily James tells TV Line her favourite moments in the series "I loved doing the whole Jay Leno sequence; Lake Bell directed that episode, and we had such a great time. And the Barb Wire stuff… I’m about to go, “And the… And the… And the…!” [Laughs]. But my favorite stuff was with Sebastian. We shot this scene at the end of Episode 2, a completely fictional scene, where you see them at home hanging out and watching TV, and they’re dancing around to The King and I, and it’s so unexpected."


She continues "There’s something so sweet about their relationship. That’s a universal thing when you fall in love for the first time, and we tried to mine that feeling of that intense connection and love. I would imagine, especially with the attention of the world breathing down their necks, to have those intensely private moments before they were heartbreakingly robbed from them would intensify that connection even greater. Like it’s them against the world. That was where we went with it, and it was a wonderful scene to shoot."

In real life the pressure from the tape caused Pam and Tommy's marriage to crumble. They argued constantly and it got worse when their sons were born. Tommy served six months in prison for spousal battery and paid $6,200 to a domestic violence shelter.

Not long after the couple divorced but later made several attempts to rekindle their relationship. The couple last split up in 2010.

Pam and Tommy is out on Hulu in America and Disney+ in the UK & Australia. The series has a total of eight episodes, episodes will be released weekly, no binging at the start.
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