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When John Bush turned down to sing in Metallica

When John Bush turned down Metallica

Armored Saint frontman and former Anthrax frontman revealed he turned down to front Metallica. James Hetfield spoke of the moment "a big dream for us". Lars Ulrich said "If he'd been in the band, maybe we wouldn't still be playing fuckin' clubs like the Fillmore."

In a 2015 interview John Bush said "I would have changed the face of heavy metal. I don't need that pressure." In a concert in 201 Metallica showed their fans a little of the alternative Metallica parallel universe with John Bush singing "The Four Horsemen".

Bush spoke about how he felt about that gig "It was awesome and of course, I was honored. They did four shows and Armored Saint opened one of them. Which was really, really cool that they allowed us to do that. That of course, was the plan that I was going to come out [to paint the picture] of what it would have been like if John Bush actually joined Metallica. It was cool to do that and it sounded great. It was fun and the crowd was very receptive."

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He continues "James and Lars told the story and now I’m living it again. Because it’s the 40th anniversary of Metallica! I’ve done a couple of interviews recently about me being asked. I always just laugh, going, “I’ll never live this down.” [Laughs] It’s going to be with me for the rest of my life. I was telling somebody, it’s like, my kids are going to get shit for it. They’re going to be like, “Your dad’s an idiot! He didn’t join Metallica?”

In conclusion Bush says “That was definitely not my destiny, to be the singer of Metallica. I mean, I would’ve literally changed heavy metal, because I was not meant to be that person. It was meant to be James with his voice doing that. Sure, it could’ve been some form of success. It probably would’ve been because they were destined for something, but it would’ve been different. To what degree, who knows? I never really thought about it, I just have to laugh. ‘Here we go again, let’s talk about it.’ But it kind of seems to fit well with just my life in some weird way.”

Leo Sayer and Metallica mash up

The talented Bill McClintock has smashed another mash-up for people to enjoy, he's previously given us a great Aretha Franklin mixed with Aerosmith, Van Halen with Hank Williams and Iron Maiden with Chic. Now Bill has mashed Leo Sayer’s ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ with Metallica’s ‘Sad But True’ and it's just brilliant. Check it out:


Bill told Inside Hook early in 2021 “In general, I pick two songs that are in the same key and roughly the same tempo. Many songs could theoretically be combined by using that method, but I try hundreds of combinations until I find two songs that sound like they belong together.”

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