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Will Ozzy Osbourne receive a knighthood?

Ozzy Osbourne, known as the Prince of Darkness and the Godfather of Heavy Metal, has had a long and successful career in the music industry. Despite this, there is one accolade that has eluded him thus far to receive a knighthood.

There's a huge petition to bring a knighthood to the frontman of Black Sabbath. The person who started this is Helen Maidiotis. The petition has received over 35,000 signatures. Helen has been backing up Ozzy to be knighted since 2013. In her latest update to fans she said she's received an encouraging response.

"As you are aware, Mr. Osbourne has been under consideration for an honour for a while," the letter read. "Unfortunately to date he has been unsuccessful. As I am sure you will appreciate, there is extremely fierce competition for the very limited number of awards available. The fact that Mr. Osbourne is not recognised by an honour does not mean that his contribution is not appreciated. With some 1,000 awards available in each round, and perhaps six or seven times that number of nominations. Unfortunately it is not possible for every candidate, however valuable their service, to succeed.

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"However, I can confirm his case remains under consideration at this time," the letter continued. "If you have any additional supporting information you would like to share with us, you would be most welcome to do so. We can then ensure his case continues to receive full and careful consideration."

The letter concluded by cautioning that the DCMS "can unfortunately give no guarantee as to the eventual outcome or timescale."

I reckon the Prince of Darkness deserves to be Sir Ozzy Osbroune!

In other Ozzy news, the forthcoming reality show 'Home to Roost' is coming on air soon and is centred on Ozzy and Sharon’s move back to the UK. In a recent interview about it Ozzy said “I don’t know how The Kardashians have done it for so long—it sent us crazy in the end,” he told a British tabloid. According to a report from Metal Injection, The Black Sabbath lead singer went on to explain that he is “not sorry he did" the original reality show, but eventually, the family developed so many unhealthy patterns that he was sure he’d “lose somebody because it is getting too crazy.”

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