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Will we get new Ghost music in 2023?

Ghost had great success with their fifth studio album 'Impera' released last year. Fans are hoping the band continue with that success with a new album soon. In a recent interview, Tobias Forge reveals there may be new Ghost music in 2023.

Speaking to French radio Oui FM on 10th March, Forge was asked about playing a 'By request' tour that some bands have been taking up on their tours. Giving fans the chance to vote for their favourite songs for bands to play at the gig. When Tobias responded to this he stated that when Ghost are heading back to tour, there might just be some new music.

He said "Even though we’re obviously changing things . . . it’s more from a practical point of view," he explains. "This tour that we’re starting . . . [will see us] changing a few things around. . . . The thing is that we always try to change things around, and now just because there has been – there are going to be a few changes. There might be, between now and then, there might be new music. Um, I’m just saying!"

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When speaking about Ghost's North American and European tour Forge said "It's going to be a different setup," about their upcoming live shows. "If we ever do a 'by request' – in a way, I wouldn't be against doing a poll of what people want to hear. But, on the other hand, it's like, songs that we aren't playing regularly, there might be a reason for them not being played. Because of, usually, from a practical point of view that they're . . . when I'm saying, 'hard to play,' that is not a dare to online YouTube guitar players [who’re] saying, 'They're not hard at all!' That's not the point. Sometimes, a song can be hard to play well, so it sounds good. So it feels good. So it fits well in the set.

Forge adds "In the future, there might be an alternative that we’ve discussed...where it might come a time where we do a set that’s completely different from the one we have now. Then, you can rework so that it’s fluent with just the odd numbers."

Well, I'll look forward to any new music that could come from Ghost this year. What will become of Papa?

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