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AC/DC's Ten Best Songs Ranked (by us)

The 10 Best AC/DC Songs Ranked From 10-1

Critics of AC/DC claim that the band has been producing the same song for the past 40 years, yet they fail to recognise the obvious: the song is a bloody masterpiece. What do they expect? A melody? What kind of music is that? Classical tunes? Polka? It would be foolish for Angus and company to modify their current formula because they are iconic and arguably the best band in the world at what they do. We thought it would be a good idea to look in to what reddit users think & which AD/DC songs they prefer. The outcomes are shown below.

10 – "Let There Be Rock"

What would the Bible have sounded like if AC/DC had written it? is the straightforward premise behind the title tune of their 1977 album. The song, which was first released in 1955, uses biblical language to chronicle the development of the genre. Bon Scott performs as the voice of God, singing "Let there be drums," "There was drums/Let there be guitar/There was guitar/Let there be rock."  Even though the song didn't do well outside of Australia, the band started to get international recognition a few months later.

9 - "Shoot to Thrill"

A song as great as "Shoot to Thrill" would be a career high point for most bands. However, it wasn't even good enough for AC/DC to release it as a single from Back in Black. Nevertheless, radio played it and the song ended up becoming one of their classics. In 2010, when it was used on the soundtrack for Iron Man 2, it eventually attracted a new following.

8 – “Hells Bells"

Consider what it would have been like to be an AC/DC fan in July 1980. Only five months have elapsed since Bon Scott's passing, and already a new album with a different singer is out. The fact that his name is Brian, which is only marginally cooler than Bon, makes matters worse. It would be difficult to not have some scepticism, at least until you pressed play and listened to the first song. You hear church bells ringing at the beginning of the song before this incredible new vocalist tells you that "you're only young, but you're going to die." Even within 30 seconds, it was obvious that they had performed a miracle.

7 - "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock 'n' Roll)"

Before they became successful, AC/DC had several years of financial hardship. According to their 1975 hit "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)," they were defrauded of money, robbed, and made to stay in disgusting motels. This song, to put it simply, is inspired by Horatio Alger. They were at a complete disadvantage when they first began, but they eventually overcame it and achieved great success. This was a smash in Australia before most people in Europe or America ever heard it, as was the case with many of their early songs.

6 - "Highway to Hell"

Finally, AC/DC was recognised worldwide by Highway to Hell. One of the strongest riffs the Young brothers have ever played is included on the title tune, which is a chronicle of the ups and downs of touring and was co-written by the band with new producer Robert "Mutt" Lange. At least the band was promised simpler travel when it became popular. Sadly, this was Bon Scott's final chapter even though it appeared to be the start of a new phase in his life.

5 - "Ride On"

The 1976 AC/DC song has divided fans. Although most fans adore it, some criticise it as a ballad. According to our ears, the song is a slow blues tune where Bon Scott has the opportunity to express his heartfelt regret over a woman who treated him unfairly and the alcohol that is progressively killing him. He sings, "Got another empty bottle." And another empty bed, "I'm too old to lie, and I ain't too young to admit it," and "I'm just another empty mind." The song was initially written for the film Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, then in 1986 it was used on the soundtrack for Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive.

4 - "Whole Lotta Rosie"

Political correctness has never been a big concern for AC/DC. Take their enduring hit "Whole Lotta Rosie" from 1977. It tells the (allegedly) true story of Bon Scott's one-night stand with an obese Tasmanian woman. She more than makes up for her lack of beauty with experience and zeal for the role. Bon sung, "Never had a woman like you." Doing whatever you do. The song, complete with an inflated Rosie doll that never fails to get the crowd screaming, was one of their first to become popular outside of Australia and it continues to this day to be a mainstay of their live performance.

3 - "You Shook Me All Night Long"

The new front man of AC/DC, Brian Johnson, saw a few of American women while the band was in the Bahamas working on Back in Black. "They were just so beautiful," he remarked. "They were blond, bronzed, tall. . .so I just was just using my imagination; what I could do if I could.". He desired to shake them all night long to release his tension before returning for more. Although not everyone agreed with the band's claim about their "American thighs," they wisely stuck to their guns. It became their hallmark tune and was a great smash all over the world.

2 - "Thunderstruck"

By 1990, AC/DC were starting to appear to be old news. After Back in Black, which had been ten long years ago, they continued to be a well-liked live act but struggled to find new songs. That all changed with "Thunderstruck," a massive tune that has a violent thunderstorm-like sound. It was a highlight of their stage performance for years and helped their new LP The Razors Edge sell millions of copies.

1 - "Back in Black"

After Bon Scott, the band's leader, passed tragically in 1980, AC/DC could have easily put together a sentimental, nostalgic album in his memory, but they decided that making their most aggressive, hardest rocking record ever would be a better way to pay tribute to him. They achieved more than they could have possibly dreamed with the assistance of new singer Brian Johnson. The song's title serves as both a tribute to Bon and a striking reminder that the group still had plenty of life. Despite appearing in innumerable TV series, films, and advertisements throughout the years, it nevertheless manages to keep its innate force.

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