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New Metallica Podcast has launched

A new official Metallica podcast is on the way, and it's simply called The Metallica Podcast. It's going to start off with a deep dive into the band's highly successful album - The Black Album. The album is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year.

"Coming soon... The Metallica Podcast! We’re starting with eight episodes taking a look behind the scenes at The Black Album." was posted on the official Metallica twitter account. And good news is that the podcast is free!

A little sneak preview was added at the bottom of their tweet. It gives us quotes from Lars Ulrich saying The Black Album had "the right combination of songs, the right combination of producer with the right combination of desire, tenacity, lineup of ideas."

It gives us a soundbite from James Hetfield adding "The insanity that we do just to keep our own sanity. People identify with it. And the fact that they know they're not alone, and we know that we're not alone. It's what makes it all happen for me."

Enter Sandman, enter new fans

And you couldn't have the two without Guitarist Kirk Hammett's words of wisdom on the sound he made "I'll just sit there and keep on playing for fuckin' 24 hours if I need to,"

Lars added "at that moment when we did it, it felt like the right thing to do. It was always truthful; it was always pure."

The podcast will also cover their popular hit of the Black Album the single Enter Sandman. Hetfield says that "it captured a lot of new family members" in Metallica listeners.

The Metallica Blacklist album will drop on 10th September it's a tribute album to Metallica's self titled album, also known as The Black Album. It features artists such as Ghost, The Chats, Volbeat, Weezer, Miley Cyrus and more all covering Metallica songs.

The release date for when episodes will drop for the Metallica Podcast hasn't been told yet, but news is it will be released soon.

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