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Angus Young's band before AC/DC

Angus Young's band AC/DC has has been rocking along now for nearly 50 years. One of the most successful rock bands of all time. As the band's lead guitarist and co-founder, Angus Young is responsible for some of rock's most iconic riffs and solos. Including those on classics like "Let There Be Rock", "Highway to Hell" and "Back in Black." Also, he is also one of rock's most energetic and entertaining performers, thrilling audiences with his signature moves onstage.

Some AC/DC fans might not know that AC/DC wasn't Angus Young's first band. Angus Young and his family moved to Australia from Scotland in 1963. Angus was in high school young when he started to practise playing the guitar. Around this time in 1972 Angus' older brother George and his writing and musical partner Harry Vanda (of The Easybeats) decided to form a band called 'Marcus Hook Roll Band'. Angus and Malcolm also joined this band.

The line-up was George Young (vocals, guitar, piano, bass), Harry Vanda (lead guitar, vocals), Alex Young (saxophone), Angus Young (guitar), Malcolm Young (guitar), Freddie Smith (drums), Ian Campbell (bass), John Proud (drums), and Howard Casey (saxophone).

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The band released one record called 'Tales of Old Grand Daddy' in 1973. The album was released in Australia via EMI records. Later it was released in the USA on Capitol's 'Green Label'. They also released three singles. Two of which were recorded in England and produced by Wally Allen of The Pretty Things. In 2014 'Tales of Old Grand Daddy' was re-released on CD, Vinyl and digital platforms.

Similarly, some of the songs merged into AC/DC tracks you can hear some of the similar riffs. Changing the riffs around a little. One example is the track 'Quick Reaction' the riff is a little similar to AC/DC's classic 'TNT'. The song "Natural Man" feels the riffs from "Soul Stripper" and "Live Wire".

Have a listen to the album it's pretty rockin' and you can hear the seed to AC/DC growin'

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